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• SAQ Youth will be an affiliated branch of Sinhala Association of Queensland for all purposes and guided by the Association’s constitution.

• Sinhala Association of Queensland has expanded its services to the community by introducing the youth arm to create a dynamic Sri Lankan youth group in Queensland and foster values and skills to be worthy citizens.

• Our youth need to understand the great Sri Lankan heritage while appreciating the Sinhalese cultural values and work as a cohesive group in mainstream Australian society contributing to the economy.

• They will interact and excel in leadership nourished by our rich cultural heritage and knowledge sharing.

• They will be guided by community leaders - professional and academics working as Patrons to the society.

• SAQ youth will be a succession group to future SAQ.

• Whether you be a senior college student, university under graduate, post graduate, working or awaiting a job, you are welcome and have a place in SAQ youth

• Free two year membership to all students passing out from Brisbane Sinhala School Dutton Park affiliated to Sinhala Association of Queensland.

• You should be under 30 years
Membership fee
• Your membership is $10 per annum.

become a member
To become a member today either download the application form or submit your details via our online form.

Miss. Pumudi Widana Pathirana

Position: President

Name: Miss. Pumudi Widana Pathirana

Miss. Nishani Algama

Position: Vice President

Name: Miss. Nishani Algama

Miss. Nethmini Methiwala

Position: Secretary

Name: Miss. Nethmini Methiwala

Miss. Vidushani Perera

Position: Treasurer

Name: Miss. Vidushani Perera

Miss. Vihangi Rajapakse

Position: Social Media Co-ordinator

Name: Miss. Vihangi Rajapakse

Miss. Manuli Narangoda

Position: General Committee

Name: Miss. Manuli Narangoda

Miss. Jayamini Methiwala

Position: General Committee

Name: Miss. Jayamini Methiwala

Miss. Piumila Liyanage

Position: General Committee

Name: Miss. Piumila Liyanage

Miss. Hayly Rajapakse

Position: General Committee

Name: Miss. Hayly Rajapakse

Our Activities
To uplift the organising and leadership skills SAQ youth will be active in following areas:

• Actively involve in Sinhala Avurudu festival and ‘Saralanga’ organised by the Sinhala association of Queensland.

• Support where necessary for the activities of Sinhala school and Seniors forum affiliated to Sinhala Association of Queensland

• Effectively promote youth leadership programmes of SAQ - Organised by our youth

• Share and work hand in hand on common projects with other youth organisations – members’ of FSOQ (Federation of Sri Lankan organisations in Queensland Inc.)

• SAQ youth interactive sessions - musical events, get-togethers field sports - at least have one event a year- sports, music concert etc.

• Represent SAQ in youth forums initiated by the Australian multicultural organisations and other registered Sri Lankan organisations – Brisbane city council youth programmes

• Promote harmony and develop cross cultural dialogue between different ethnic and multicultural groups in Australia.

• Initiate SAQ youth own projects and also help Sri Lankan other organisations on special projects in Sri Lanka and Australia. eg During disaster events.

• Identify and fulfil at least one project to assist Sri Lankans in need of special attention – eg; Donating books for a rural Sri Lankan school library.

• SAQ Youth will work together as a team, supporting and encouraging each other to foster an understanding among the group and net work with other youth groups in Queensland, Interstate and globally to develop right skills to be worthy citizens.


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