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COVID Restrictions in Queensland

COVID Restrictions in Queensland


Movement and gatherings

  • Up to 100 people can gather in homes. No limit for people gathering in public spaces.
  • Indoor funerals and wedding ceremonies: One person per 2m2 or 200 people or 100% allocated seated and ticketed capacity (whichever is the greater).
    • All wedding guests can dance (indoors and outdoors) subject to the one person per 2m2 rule.
  • Indoor premises: One person per 2m2 or 100% allocated seated and ticketed capacity (e.g. restaurants, cafés, pubs, clubs, museums, art galleries, places of worship and convention centres) with the COVID Safe Checklist.
    • Eating or drinking while standing allowed.
    • One person per 2m2 for short-term accommodation (including hostels, B&Bs and short-term rentals) with the COVID Safe Checklist. Density requirements do not apply in sleeping areas.
    • One person per 2m2 at indoor play areas with the COVID Safe Checklist.
  • Self-service food: No restrictions.

Stadiums and indoor and outdoor events

  • 100% allocated seated and ticketed for stadiums
    • Patrons must wear a mask at all times, including when seated.
    • Patrons must be seated to eat and drink. Masks can be removed when eating or drinking.
  • 100% allocated seated and ticketed capacity for indoor events or 1 person per 2m2 indoors.
  • No restrictions on outdoor events, however you are encouraged to wear a mask when you are unable to physically distance.
  • Ticketed venues: 100% capacity with allocated seating (e.g. theatre, live music, cinemas, indoor sports, universities and other higher education institutions).
  • Community sport: No restrictions.


Masks no longer need to be worn in Queensland, except when at an airport, on a domestic or international flight departing or arriving in Queensland, as agreed by National Cabinet. Everyone is encouraged to carry and wear a mask when physically distancing is not possible, for example on public transport.

Roadmap to easing restrictions

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